Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal <p><img src="/public/site/images/admin/favicon.jpg"></p> Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Universitas Balikpapan (LPPM UNIBA) en-US Abdimas Universal 2657-1439 Penyuluhan Manajemen Pengelolaan Limbah Rumah Tangga Sebagai Upaya Pencegahan Stunting http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/185 <p><em>Indonesia is one of the countries with a fairly high number of stunting cases. One of the causes of stunting is poor environmental health conditions in the form of lack of access to clean water, inadequate sanitation, and poor waste management. Poor environmental sanitation factors increase infectious diseases such as diarrhea, Environmental Enteric Dysfunction (EED), and helminthiasis. These conditions can cause growth disorders to occur stunting and can increase mortality in toddlers. The purpose of this community service activity is to provide knowledge and understanding to the Gunung Kelua Village community about how to manage household waste (garbage and liquid waste) as an effort to prevent stunting. The method used is the lecture, discussion, and question and answer method. Based on the results of data analysis using the non-parametric test Wilcoxon result that there is a significant difference between before and after the extension activities of waste management (p-value 0.011 &lt;0.05) and liquid waste management counseling (p-value 0.007 &lt;0.05). Similar activities need to be carried out to support government programs in reducing stunting rates.</em></p> Dimas Hanif Abdi Rahman Andi Daramusseng Chindy Sanjaya Wulan Fitri Anjaswati Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 159 163 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.185 Optimalisasi Pemanfaatan Lahan Pekarangan Rumah dengan Tanaman Rempah pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19 http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/109 <p><em>This community service program aims to provide additional knowledge and understanding in optimally utilizing home yards to increase community productivity while implementing government policies to stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.. Like rural communities in general, the people of Pongpongan village have quite large yards, but this is still not being utilized optimally. To provide additional knowledge and understanding regarding the use of homestead land, the initial stage of this program is to conduct socialization, then follow it up with training in planting and caring for good spices and then proceed to the monitoring process. The method used was to carry out focus group discussions and planting practices. Monitoring activities were carried out for approximately 3 months to determine the progress and obstacles faced by program participants. The results obtained indicate that many people have not used their yards and are constrained by capital. In addition, of all the participants who have yards that can still be used, they are interested in joining the follow-up program. This is because 100% of participants are satisfied and 85% of participants do not experience difficulties in running the programs given.</em></p> Ahmad Zaenal Arifin Kuntum Febriyantiningrum Nia Nurfitria Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 164 168 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.109 Pemanfaatan Limbah Cair Industri Tahu Harapan Maju, Cimanggis, Depok sebagai Media Kultur Spirulina sp. http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/211 <p><em>Industrial waste in Depok still a problem raised because its contents were not following the</em> <em>government’s</em><em> quality standards. Contaminants were considered pollutant </em><em>are</em> <em>Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), and Total Suspended Solids (TSS) were quite high. One of these wastes was tofu wastewater which produced a foul odor and pollutes the environment when discharged directly into water bodies. Lack of industrial owners' education of the economic value of the waste caused direct disposal without being utilized first. Therefore, this Community Service activity aims to determine the feasibility of tofu industrial wastewater as a Spirulina sp. culture medium and provided education to the tofu factory owners, to </em><em>utilize</em><em> their liquid waste. In the implementation several stages are carried out, namely literature studies, sampling, implementing wastewater assessments, counseling also training. </em><em>The</em><em> result of this activity is tofu industrial wastewater can be utilized as a medium for cultivating Spirulina sp. which added economic value while reducing the environmental pollution. This can be seen from the results of Spirulina cultivation on the 10th day where the Optical Density (OD) continues to increase and harvested for further use.</em></p> Mustamina Maulani Asri Nugrahanti Mohammad Apriniyadi Bayu Satyawira Zakiah Darajat Nurfajrin Gabriella Jasmine Henry David Young Rakha Handika Putra Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 169 174 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.211 Increasing Posyandu and Posbindu Cadres Knowledge on Cervical Cancer Screening Through Community Service Program http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/221 <p><em>Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer death in women worldwide. Many women who come to the health facility for a check-up with cervical cancer are already severe. This happened because of the lack of knowledge of women about the importance of cervical cancer screening. The purpose of this community service is to increase the knowledge of women in Kersan, Bantul regarding cervical cancer screening. The service method implemented was conducting socialization and education to the community regarding the importance of online cervical cancer screening. The participants in this program were 30 Posyandu and Posbindu cadres in Kersan. After this program, many women began to know the importance of getting cervical cancer screening so that they would immediately get treatment.</em></p> Supriyatiningsih Dianita Sugiyo Sutantri Arlina Dewi Sri Sundari Wiwik Kusumawati Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 175 179 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.221 Peningkatan Pendapatan Keluarga Melalui Pembuatan Konektor Masker Rajut pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19 http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/227 <p><em>The </em><em>c</em><em>ovid-19 pandemic is a global health problem today. The impact of the </em><em>covid</em><em>-19 pandemic is evident in the community's economy. The number of occurrences of termination of employment, the implementation of Work From Home (WFH) by companies and small businesses that have gone out of business, causing the condition of family income to be low or even non-existent. This condition is felt by the people of hamlet 7 Baruga Village, Kendari City, especially housewives. The purpose of this community service is to increase family opinion through training in making Rajat mask connectors for housewives and young women. The target of this community service is 20 housewives and young women operating </em><em>c</em><em>ovid-19. This method of implementing community service uses 3 stages, namely the preparation, implementation</em><em>,</em><em> and evaluation stages. The results of community service provide social and economic impacts on the community in the form of increasing the skills and income of housewives and young women through the manufacture of knitted mask connectors.</em></p> Fitri Rachmillah Fadmi Sanatang Jumartin Gerung Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 180 185 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.227 Edukasi Financial Capability: Mempersiapkan Generasi Muda Mencapai Financial Well-Being http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/217 <p><em>In line with the growing trend of online shopping with all the conveniences offered, the ability to manage finances also needs to be improved so that excessive consumptive behavior does not occur. In addition, the importance of understanding about financial capability is very important for the younger generation, especially students who will later face the world of work which requires them to be able to manage their finances independently and efficiently. Therefore, this educational activity is intended to provide insight for students in planning their financial management. This activity is attended by 80 online participants. This activity does not only focus on the provision of materials but also the practice of financial management. Based on the results of the pre-test, it was found that most of the participants still did not understand the importance of being able to manage their finances. Then, from the post-test results, it was found that after participating in this activity, the participants were able to understand more about financial management. By attending this activity, it is hoped that participants will have a better understanding of financial capability and be able to apply the knowledge they have gained in managing their finances in their daily lives.</em></p> Yanuar Bachtiar Tri Ramaraya Koroy Masithah Akbar Rizky Nastiti Normalina Saifhul Anuar Syahdan Norbaiti R.R Siti Munawaroh Iqbal Firdaus Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 186 190 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.217 Bimbingan Teknis Penyusunan Penelitian Tindakan Kelas dan Publikasi Ilmiah bagi Guru MI Al Ishlah Tiudan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/178 <p><em>Writing scientific papers is important for the development of the teaching profession. One of the most popular scientific papers by the teachers is the results of classroom research or commonly known as CAR (classroom action research). CAR is useful for improving teacher performance and fixing problems in the classroom. CAR that has been prepared by the teacher has not been maximally published in the form of a journal. In fact, the results of this scientific publication can be used for the benefit of school accreditation and benefit of the public usage, especially the cognate teachers. Therefore, it is important to carry out technical guidance on the preparation of CAR and scientific publications for MI Al Ishlah Tiudan teachers. The method used in this research is </em><em>Participatory Action Research</em> <em>method. </em><em>The implementation of </em><em>technical </em><em>guidance for the preparation of CAR and scientific publications shows that the majority of teachers at MI Al Islah Tiudan Gondang have received guidance on the </em><em>preparation</em><em> of CAR, but there are still many who do not understand the actual CAR because the guidance only provides material. In this technical guidance activity, all participants seemed enthusiastic and had been able to prepare a good</em><em> CAR</em><em> draft. All participants are also ready to continue the development of their draft and prepare to publish it in a journal.</em></p> Lilis Anifiah Zulfa Rahmawati Mulyaningtyas Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 191 197 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.178 Upaya Peningkatan Pengetahuan Remaja tentang Kesehatan Reproduksi dari Sudut Pandang Biologis dan Agama http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/215 <p><em>Adolescence </em><em>is</em><em> a transition period from childhood to adulthood, development as preparation for entering adulthood. Individuals will experience physical, sosial, and psychological/emotional changes, but it is also an excellent opportunity to grow and develop. Adolescents are also at risk of experiencing problems, including reproductive health problems and the development of sexual life. Approaches through biological and religious aspects are an excellent bridge to help adolescents face the changing lives of reproduction and sexuality, which are full of challenges. This activity aims to provide knowledge and foster directed attitudes about reproductive health and sexuality from a scientific and religious perspective. The form of action is counseling. The target of the activity is youth aged 11-15 years, junior high school students totaling 24 accounts (the number of participants is 30 students), and two accompanying teachers. The activity lasted approximately 60 minutes through an online meeting room. The activity evaluation results showed that the level of knowledge of adolescents as measured by online forms was mainly in the excellent range (60%). Students' activeness in interactions during the activity is also a good indicator response to the dimension of a caring attitude towards reproductive health. Suggestions for the following activities are mental health education to deal with hormonal changes resulting in adolescents' cognitive and behavioral changes.</em></p> Aprilia Nuryanti Rahayu Setyaningsih Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 198 204 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.215 Edukasi pada Ibu Hamil dan Menyusui tentang Pentingnya Vaksinasi Lengkap (Dosis 1 dan 2) Covid-19 di Kabupaten Buton Selatan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/223 <p><em>Vaccination is one of the efforts to overcome covid-19 to reduce morbidity and mortality due to </em><em>c</em><em>ovid-19. The implementation of the </em><em>c</em><em>ovid-19 vaccination for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers has received many pros and cons in the community, especially people in remote areas. So many people refuse to get vaccinated against </em><em>c</em><em>ovid-19. The increase in cases of exposure to </em><em>c</em><em>ovid-19 in pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers was found in urban areas and even in remote areas, especially in Bola Village, South Buton Regency. Based on this case, we conducted education to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers by distributing questionnaires. This was followed by a discussion and question and answer session about the importance of the </em><em>c</em><em>ovid-19 vaccination. We hold counseling for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers so that they can understand and participate in government programs by carrying out complete vaccinations (dose 1 and 2) in order to break the chain of spread of </em><em>c</em><em>ovid-19. It is known that there is an increase in knowledge of pregnant and lactating mothers about </em><em>c</em><em>ovid-19 vaccination before and after participating in health counseling in the form of lectures and joint discussions.</em></p> Anita Anita Dahniar Dahlan Wa Ode Nesya Jeni Samrida Wa Ode Nurul Mutia Yohanis Rongre Anarisa Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 205 210 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.223 Pelatihan Inspection Preventive Maintenance (IPM) MRI http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/219 <p><em>In Indonesia, the quality assurance of medical devices is carried out by the Hospital Facility Maintenance Installation, abbreviated as IPSRS. Generally, IPSRS staff consists of Human Resources (HR) who have qualifications in Electromedical, Public Health, and </em><em>M</em><em>anagement qualifications. Human resources in charge of carrying out maintenance and repairs, hereinafter referred to as Preventive Maintenance Inspections (IPM) of medical devices, are human resources with electromedical qualifications. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advanced medical device that combines computer technology, high magnetic fields (0.067.0 Tesla) and radio waves to produce cross-sectional images of the muscles of the human body. To prepare patient services in hospitals using an MRI tool, reliable human resources are needed in carrying out their HDI. For this reason, training on the HDI of this MRI equipment is needed. This HDI training was attended by 534 participants from all over Indonesia which was carried out through the Z</em><em>oom</em><em> Meeting Application. This training succeeded in increasing the ability of participants by 27.98% while the average satisfaction of training participants was assessed from 5 aspects, namely at 86.65%</em><em>,</em><em> so that the training carried out is in the very satisfactory category.</em></p> Nani Lasiyah M. Rio Oktaviano Yeni Pertiwi Nurhadziqoh Romi Mulyadi Rino Ferdian Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 211 217 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.219 Pengembangan Usaha Jamur Tiram Melalui Diversifikasi Produk Jamur Crispy di Batealit Jepara http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/226 <p><em>Oyster mushroom production in Mindahan Kidul Village has the potential to be developed and has high economic value. The prospect of developing the oyster mushroom business is quite large which can be seen from the environmental conditions located on the slopes of Mount Muria and the availability of raw materials for planting media that are easily obtained from abundant sawdust. Partners in the service activity program are MSME AJJ Oyster Mushroom Mindahan Kidul which has problems producing baglog and oyster mushrooms that have not been able to become one of the main sources of income. The products produced are F2 mushroom seeds, baglog</em><em>,</em><em> and fresh oyster mushrooms. </em><em>Beside that, the</em><em> packaging design is still simple and does not have conventional labels and marketing</em><em> and i</em><em>nadequate production facilities. The purpose of this community service activity is to provide training and assistance to AJJ Oyster Mushroom partners to develop an oyster mushroom product business as a superior product for the Jepara area. The implementation method uses Participatory Rural Appraisal (PR</em><em>A</em><em>). The results of community service activities in the form of PPPUD have carried out various forms of training and assistance to partners. The development of the oyster mushroom product business that has been carried out is the processed crispy oyster mushroom "ROOMPY" and has a PIRT permit. The establishment of a website with the url address: ajjjamurjepara.com, Instagram account “AJJ Mushroom Jepara”, Facebook account “ajj_jamur_tiram_jepara” and shopee account “AJJ Mushroom Oyster” has increased revenue by around 50%.</em></p> M. Sagaf Desti Setiyowati R. H. Kusumodestoni Solikhul Hidayat Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 218 224 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.226 Pemberdayaan Masyarakat dalam Mengelola Limbah Hasil Tani untuk Menambah Penghasilan Petani http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/214 <p><em>This service aims to provide information and training to the community in managing agricultural waste to increase farmers' income around Pematangsiantar Town. This service is carried out in the city of Pematangsiantar, especially at the DPRD Office and Pematangsiantar Village Hall along with the community around Pematangsiantar with the question and answer method and discussion.</em> <em>With the</em><em> community</em><em> service carried out in this case, there is enthusiasm from members of the DPRD and the community who are interested and keen to participate in implementing it because the community, especially farmers have not been able to utilize agricultural waste to be something useful and have economic value and additional income for farmers. This service is also the result of research that has been conducted in the laboratory and can test the quality of materials produced from the results of the study.</em></p> Ady Frenly Simanullang Goldbert Harmuda Duva Sinaga Mardame Pangihutan Sinaga Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 225 228 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.214 PkM Edukasi Organisasi Tim Tanggap Darurat di Area Kerja pada Karyawan PT. Sarana Tirta Alamindo http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/222 <p><em>An emergency is an unexpected difficult situation that requires immediate treatment to prevent accidents/fatalities. The work environment has the potential for emergencies such as fires and earthquakes</em><em>.</em> <em>A</em><em>ccording to risk identification data, the work environment area must be prepared to face disasters by preparing resources. Support infrastructure facilities and human resources. Support infrastructure facilities and human resources. Prevention efforts to minimize risk are by planning a disaster emergency response system. Emergency response unit is a work unit specially formed to deal with emergency situations in the workplace</em><em>.</em> <em>E</em><em>mergency response teams work quickly to deal with all disaster events quickly, precisely, and accurately and to reduce the incidence of casualties and losses due to disaster events. Implementation of community service activities for employees of PT. Sarana Tirta Alamindo provides participants with an understanding of emergency response so that they are able to plan emergency response preparedness in the work area. The results of the emergency response socialization activity in the work area, employees understand the importance of being ready for emergency response, through training and discussion all must be familiar and able to apply in their work area emergency response conditions and the importance of support from company leaders to form an emergency response team that works and is directly responsible for handling the situation. work area emergency.</em></p> Ridwan Usman Elfitria Wiratmani Galuh Krisna Dewanti Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 229 233 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.222 Pelatihan Perilaku Hidup Sehat Pada Siswa Sekolah Luar Biasa Negeri Jember http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/233 <p><em>Healthy living behavior training is an effort to empower students of SLB Negeri Jember. The implementation of the training has been designed according to the abilities of the students. This activity has implemented the concept of improving life skills so that students are prevented from various diseases and are able to live healthy independently. The implementation method is as follows: 1) counseling and training on healthy living behavior and brushing teeth properly; 2) general health and oral health examinations; and 3) revitalization of </em><em>School Health Unit </em><em>through training of Student Health Cadres. Activities are equipped with modules and health examination record books. Activity evaluation procedures include: 1) re-examination of general health status; 2) re-examination of oral health status; and 3) supervision one month after program implementation. At the end of the activity, the students are able to wash their hands and brush their teeth properly and independently. Student Health Cadres are able to take measurements of height, weight, and body temperature. The general health profile of students is quite good, but their oral health is still poor and requires treatment from health workers</em><em>.</em></p> Banun Kusumawardani Dwi Merry Christmarini Robin Yani Corvianindya Rahayu Parawita Dewanti Siti Komariyah Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 234 239 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.233 Analisis Keterampilan Abad ke-21 di STT Makedonia http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/234 <p><em>21st century skills are very important to keep pace with the fast progress of science and technology. These skills must be mastered by students who will enter and interact directly with the community. The target of this community service is to see and assess the 21st century skills of Macedonian Theological College students which will be used as material for socialization to students. The total sample in this community service amounted to 28 students by filling out the questions asked in the questionnaire. Filling out this questionnaire includes five factors that become indicators, namely knowledge and technology literacy skills, critical thinking and solving skills, entrepreneurship and innovation skills, social responsibility and leadership skills, and career awareness. Assessment of 21st century skills will make it easier for educators to assist students in guiding and directing students to continue to train themselves and improve mastery of 21st century skills. Then the results of this study can be used as an illustration of 21st century skills at the Macedonian Theological College. The results found in this community service illustrate that Macedonian Theological College students have 21st century skills in a good category (Mean </em>= <em>76.77).</em></p> Uliani Uliani Meisakh Nur Anugrah Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-23 2022-08-23 4 2 240 245 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.234 Sosialisasi Perkembangan Peserta Didik tentang Perkembangan Emosional dan Moral di RT 49 Sepinggan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/236 <p><em>The purpose of this service is to find out how students develop emotionally and how students develop morally. This service is located in Bukit Anugerah Indah Housing Estate, RT 49, Sepinggan Village, Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan Province. The population of this service is the residents of Bukit Anugerah Indah Housing by taking research subjects from parents who have elementary school children. Data collection methods in the form of interviews and documentation. The data analysis technique in this service uses source triangulation, namely interviews with 3 mothers. It was found that the development of children varies depending on the age of the child, emotional development also affects what they think, emotions also describe what a person thinks. The more mature a person, the emotional level will rarely occur unlike in children which often happens. While moral development is very influential on a person's character, if someone wants to be respected, he must have good moral qualities, in school it is very good to be taught moral traits, to educate children to be better. In everyday life, it is also very necessary to teach children moral character, so that empathy, honesty, truth, and chastity will grow. Moral nature makes a person able to socialize with people</em><em>.</em></p> Rahayu Sri Waskitoningtyas Ryan Angga Pratama Kiftian Hady Prasetya Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-08-28 2022-08-28 4 2 246 252 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.236 Peningkatan Kapasitas dan Deteksi Dini HIV/AIDS Pada Remaja di Kota Baubau http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/230 <p><em>HIV/AIDS is one of the deadliest diseases for which a cure has not been found, so innovation is needed to cure people with HIV/AIDS. AIDS is a manifestation of HIV infection that significantly suppresses a person's immune function. The aim is to increase the knowledge of adolescents and to detect the HIV status of adolescents in Baubau city. The method used is by way of counseling and examination. The results obtained are that there is an increase in adolescent knowledge and the results of the HIV-AIDS rapid test show that 98% of adolescents are aware and willing to carry out an early examination to determine their HIV status as an effort to prevent HIV transmission.</em></p> Wa Ode Sitti Justin Ahmad Amiruddin Sudirman Pabokori Sri Ernawati Syastriani Isna Putri Syarif Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-09-03 2022-09-03 4 2 253 259 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.230 Pengelolaan Bank Sampah dan Pembuatan Pupuk Kompos di Kelurahan Baru ilir Kecamatan Balikpapan Barat http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/239 <p><em>The waste bank management program aims to help the residents' economy and maintain environmental cleanliness by processing waste in the environment. The improvement of the residents' economy is done by selling inorganic/plastic waste that has economic value and converting organic waste into compost. Because of this background, the waste bank program was chosen as a community service activity for 2022 ITK by considering the appropriate location and partners. R</em><em>T </em><em>5</em><em>6</em><em> Kelurahan Baru Ilir, West Balikpapan District is a densely populated area with the majority of its residents making seasonal livelihoods such as washermen and construction workers, so with the aim of helping the residents' economy, we decided to make R</em><em>T </em><em>5</em><em>6</em><em> a partner for the waste bank program. The waste bank program is implemented in stages, namely coordination with the local government, socialization, waste collection, waste weighing, recording, selling waste and payments to customers. The processing of organic waste consists of refining organic waste, mixing in composting, ripening, harvesting compost. The </em><em>Waste </em><em>Bank program was implemented for 3 months, namely in March-May 2022 and obtained 23 customers with total customer funds reaching Rp564,324</em><em>.00</em><em>. The organic waste treatment program is carried out by making a composting prototype made from drums that is able to reduce the unpleasant odor produced during the composting process, so that in 1 month, ready-to-use organic fertilizer can be produced.</em></p> Faisal Manta Doddy Suanggana Andre Amba Matarru Muhammad Ilham Yusnin Dinda Achmad Feridiansyah Sony Doran Febriawan Rafly Amanda Faradhila Arham Hagan Saut Hamonangan Mangunsong Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-09-05 2022-09-05 4 2 260 267 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.239 Pelatihan Pembuatan Eco-Enzyme Sebagai Alternatif Hand Sanitizer pada Masa Pandemi Covid-19 Bagi Masyarakat Desa Mekarsari http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/240 <p><em>Covid-19 health protocol regulations cause limited space for people to move, which has an impact on the social and economic life of the community. This condition gives rise to new habits, people must always maintain cleanliness which causes an increasing people's consumption of cleaners such as hand sanitizers, soaps, disinfectants, and others. In addition, people also often consume nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruit, thereby increasing the amount of household waste. However, housing conditions with limited yards and far from Final Disposal Sites (TPA) create a new problem, namely the accumulation of household waste. This condition is also experienced by the people of Mekarsari Village. The technique of converting organic waste into eco-enzymes plays an important role in reducing the amount of organic waste that ends up in landfill. Through community service activities, the team held an Eco-enzyme Making Training as an Alternative Hand Sanitizer during the C</em><em>ovid</em><em>-19 Pandemic for the people of Mekarsari Village. Community service activities have been carried out and have been able to educate the public in processing household waste, especially organic waste, into eco-enzymes. Furthermore, the eco-enzyme can be used as a hand sanitizer.</em></p> Riskaviana Kurniawati Wiwik Dahani Edy Jamal Tuheteru Mustamina Maulani Fadliah Fadliah Faldo Matulessy Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-09-06 2022-09-06 4 2 268 273 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.240 Pendampingan Perencanaan dan Pengendalian Produksi di PT. Ganding Toolsindo http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/238 <p><em>Achieving production targets is the goal of all companies, especially manufacturing companies. PT Ganding Toolsindo is an automotive component manufacturing company that aims to provide a high level of service and is committed to its clients, so achieving production targets is </em><em>essential</em><em>. However, it is unfortunate that there are still problems regarding the non-fulfillment of production targets. In addition, issues regarding rusty raw materials and waste also occur there. The cause of this problem is the advantages and disadvantages of raw materials because production planning and control have not been </em><em>appropriately implemented</em><em>. Therefore, this Community Service (PkM) aims to assist partners in solving these problems through training</em><em>, production planning,</em><em> and control assistance. The PkM series is carried out with a preliminary survey, material preparation, training</em><em>,</em><em> and mentoring. The material given in this PkM activity is about "Introduction to Production Planning and Control" and "Production Planning and Control Systems for Make to Order (MTO) Type Companies</em><em>.”</em><em> In addition, assistance is provided to solve problems that are the company's focus, namely making Side Tube part products by making dual kanban for the parts. Based on the evaluation results, this PkM activity has been carried out well and received a positive response from PkM partners, namely PT. Ganding Toolsindo</em><em>.</em></p> Annisa Dewi Akbari Idriwal Mayusda Tiena Gustina Amran Nora Azmi Sisca Dewi Septiani Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-09-06 2022-09-06 4 2 274 280 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.238 Pemanfaatan Minyak Jelantah Untuk Pembuatan Sabun Batang Bagi Anggota Karang Taruna Duri Pulo, Kecamatan Gambir, Jakarta Pusat http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/228 <p><em>The amount of used cooking oil waste is thrown into the sewer, which over time will compress the sewer and can also pollute the environment. </em><em>Therefore, it would be good if this used cooking oil is further processed into bar soap that can be used to wash clothes or other kitchenware. The process of making this bar soap uses a cold process, which does not use heating (stove).</em> <em>the chemical used is NaOH. The first stage is the purification of crude oil. Purification is done by soaking charcoal in used cooking oil, for about two days, then the used cooking oil is filtered. This purification does not remove the cloudy color of the used cooking oil, but the odor and turbid color of the used cooking oil is reduced. Then the purified used cooking oil is mixed into the lye, which is a mixture of water and NaOH. Then stir to mix until the solution is slightly thickened like the consistency of liquid soap. Then the mixture is put into a mold made of silicon, after 24 hours or after the soap is solid, the soap can be removed from the mold. This soap cannot be used yet, because it requires a curing process, which is a waiting time phase after solid soap, approximately 45 days. After going through the curing process, leaving it in the open air to ensure the water content evaporates well and the pH of the soap is normal. The solid soap produced from this training is able to clean the dirt on cooking utensils and can also be used as a clothes wash, and does not itch on the skin.</em></p> Pauhesti Pauhesti Widia Yanti Puri Wijayanti Wildan Tri Koesmawardani Gabey Jane Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-09-13 2022-09-13 4 2 281 286 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.228 Aplikasi Akuntansi “Friendly” untuk Mengatasi Masalah Penysunan Laporan Keuangan BUMDes http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/237 <p><em>The ownership of village institutions is jointly controlled with the aim of improving the community's economic standard of living, one of which is through Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes). BUMDes partners in Selulung Village and Belantih Village face obstacles with the implementation of bookkeeping or accounting. The partner problems, are: (1) Due to the lack of knowledge in recording transactions and preparing financial statements, (2) There is no partner awareness to fix financial management so that it can solve financial problems, (3) Partners do not have the knowledge of financial management about how to separate business finances from personal (household) finances. The solutions offered related to problem solving for BUMDes partners are: (1) Provide counseling activities regarding the importance of orderly administration in running BUMDes business, (2) Provide training activities for preparing financial reports with accounting applications</em><em> namely “Friendly”</em><em>. Analysis through the distribution of questionnaires to participants to obtain an overview related to the benefits of the training seen from the material got score 4.67 which was close to very good, the delivery of material with score 4.53 was also almost very good, the application made a score of 5 was very good. Until now, improvements and application trials are continuously being carried out so that they can be directly applied to each BUMDes.</em></p> I Made Wianto Putra I Wayan Kartana I Gede Aryawan Miswaty Miswaty Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-09-28 2022-09-28 4 2 287 293 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.237 Keterampilan Statistika dan Data Science: Manfaatnya di Berbagai Bidang pada Era Digital http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/245 <p><em>Data Scientist is a trending career in recent years. The survey results show that the need for a data scientist is high, but the availability is very low with limited capabilities. A data scientist needs statistics and programming skills</em><em>. B</em><em>ut</em><em>,</em><em> from a student's point of view, statistics is considered the same as mathematics, so it is less desirable because it is mathematical and is considered difficult. Students as prospective workers need to have insight into how to work and skills in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. Failure to adapt to this new era will lead to increased unemployment of working age in the future. It is important to make the younger generation understand about statistics and data science skills, including the opportunities and </em><em>job</em><em> that exist, so efforts are needed to disseminate them. It is hoped that after understanding it, the younger generation will be interested in choosing a profession related to digital. The target audience is students of SMAN 3 Jember. The method used is presentation, then evaluation using a questionnaire. More than 79% of students rated the material presented as important, interesting and up to date. Students can also understand most of the material given, and the level of student interest in both fields is very high. This activity was generally successful.</em></p> Alfian Futuhul Hadi Halimatus Sa'diyah Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal 2022-10-01 2022-10-01 4 2 294 300 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v4i2.245