Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal <p><img src="/public/site/images/admin/favicon.jpg"></p> Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Universitas Balikpapan (LPPM UNIBA) en-US Abdimas Universal 2657-1439 Pengajaran Persiapan Ujian Nasional Mata Pelajaran Matematika di SMP Negeri 37 Samarinda http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/58 <p><em>Community Service conducted at SMP 37 is teaching national math preparation tests for class IX. The method of community service in Samarinda 37 State Junior High School is by teaching using the junior high school national exam practice module. Activities carried out through the stage of providing material operations of fractions, value comparisons and reversals of values, ranks and roots, calculation of loan and savings interest rates, arithmetic sequences and sequences and geometry, linear and quadratic equations, sets, linear functions, line equations, line gradients, flat circumference and shape area, congruent and congruent triangles, circle angle, circle circumference, circle elements, prism and pyramid elements, volume and surface area of ​​prism and pyramid, statistics, sample space, and opportunity. After all the material has been submitted, it is continued with the prediction of the national mathematics exams in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 with the development of the developed training modules. From the results of community service in Samarinda 37 Public Middle School, the level of student satisfaction found using modules was 41.52% very satisfied, 57.40% satisfied, 1.07% quite satisfied, and 0.00% dissatisfied. On the other hand, students also find it easier to understand learning if the teacher uses modules as teaching material in class</em></p> Ganjar Susilo Nur Aisyah Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-25 2020-09-25 2 2 54 60 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.58 Pengolahan Daur Ulang Minyak Bekas Menjadi Biodisel Untuk Sumber Energi Alternatif di Kelurahan Karya Merdeka Kabupaten Kutai Kertanegara http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/68 <p><em>Karya Merdeka Village is very famous for its oil palm plantations. Nearly </em><em>27</em><em>% of the population work as oil palm farm laborers. In irrigating the plantations, they use diesel fueled rice cookers. Based on field surveys, 1 liter of diesel can be used for 2 hours to drive the dompeng machine. Means that in a month, residents need 30 liters of diesel fuel. If 1 liter costs IDR 6000, farmers will incur a cost of IDR 180,000 per month. Of course this needs to be balanced with an idea / innovation to reduce the expenditure of farmers in supplying diesel to their dompeng machines. Therefore, the Balikpapan State Polytechnic Lecturer team of the Electrical Engineering Department contributed significantly to the Community Service Activities (PkM) held at the Karya Merdeka Kelurahan Office, Kutai Kertanegara Regency in socializing a technology that can recycle used cooking oil into biodiesel, through a process of mixing with methanol and NaOH</em><em>. </em><em>&nbsp;The method of making it is quite simple, namely used cooking oil at a temperature of 40 degrees. For the right results, use a digital thermostat. The dose is 1 liter of used cooking oil mixed with half a liter of methanol and 0.1 mg NaOH. Stir until evenly distributed and leave for 24 hours. The result is biodiesel (clear color) and glycerol (the precipitate). Biodiesel is one alternative energy source that is environmentally friendly and proven to be economical in its implementation. It has the same function as Soilar, which is able to drive generators and dompeng engines, but is 3 times more efficient than diesel, which is 1 liter of biodiesel equivalent to 3 liters of diesel. It means that biodiesel is three times more efficient than diesel.</em></p> Andi Sri Irtawaty Maria Ulfah Armin Armin Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-26 2020-09-26 2 2 61 65 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.68 Pengembangan Ekonomi Masyarakat Melalui Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Mikro Kecil dan Menengah di Kelurahan Penajam http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/62 <p><em>The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector has an important role in driving the growth of the Indonesian economy. MSME contributes to a number of business entities in Indonesia and has a share in employment. In a business study is needed about the feasibility of the business. But in reality the business owner is only focused on the income and sustainability of his business. That is why community development using social assistance methods needs to be done to help solve the problems being faced. Community development contains efforts to increase participation and a sense of belonging to the programs implemented. Empowerment refers to the ability of people, especially weak groups to have access to productive resources that enable them to be able to increase their income and participate in the process of development and decision making. The results of this dedication show that the economic potential in Penajam Sub-district, Penajam District, North Penajam Paser Regency is the food industry, handicraft industry, restaurants and restaurants and MSMEs. Supporting factors in community development in the economic sector include natural resources and abundant human resources. While the limiting factors are limited capital, facilities and infrastructure as well as low community participation.</em></p> Nadi Hernadi Moorcy Tamzil Yusuf Pudjiati Pudjiati Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-26 2020-09-26 2 2 66 69 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.62 Organizing International Webinar as Community Services Activity During the Covid19 Pandemic http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/72 <p><em>Since Covid19 is declared as pandemic and is categorized as national disaster, government has urged all acitivities is limited to prevent physical contact. All fileds including educational organization should obey the protocol given. Meantime, University’s agenda in delivering the three pillars of higher education&nbsp; still need to be conducted with an adjustment, including one of them in the field of community services. For that reason, Institute for Reasearch and Community Services of Balikpapan University &nbsp;designed an International seminar involving keynote speakers from three countries in a web conferencing application. This Web-Based Seminar (Webinar) was chosen since it doesn’t involve physical contact and also very efficient. Three stages directed in this webinar; from preparation, conducting of the webinar and evaluation stage; were described in this article. There were 500 participants register to the webinar. This webinar was successfully managed with no significant disturbance. The key to the success of this webinar was well-planned and organized schedule, task distribution among organizer members, as well as the proactive communication that shall always be maintained. </em></p> Muhammad Adam Ryan Angga Pratama Merry Krisdawati Sipahutar Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-26 2020-09-26 2 2 70 75 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.72 The Pelatihan Media BIG MAZE Bagi Guru-Guru Aisyah Pendukung Selama Daring http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/67 <p><span class="fontstyle0">This community service is aimed to provide teaching training through BIG MAZE educational game media for Aisiyah’ teachers during online. The educational game, Maze, is complicated, tortuous, and deadlocked track system. At home, children easily learn through the media BIG MAZE, is B (Bergerak) for move is a stimulus to the child's body movements, hands and feet. I (Ingat) for<br>remember is to train the child's memory sensors, through language, numbers, letters. G (Guna) for use is to do the activities of the<br>results of exercises done in the previous movement through memory sensors, and will affect the cognitive development of children.<br>This activity was carried out in collaboration between Aisyiyah Regional Leadership of Primary and Secondary Educational in<br>North Sumatera and Aisyiyah Butstanul Athfal’ teachers in Medan partners. The method is taught for children of 10 teachers from<br>ABA in Medan and has been evaluated, this activity through 4 stages: (1) preparation, (2) action, (3) observation, and (4) evaluation.<br>The results of the children were very enthusiastic using by BIG MAZE of educational games tool at home online</span> </p> Alfitriani Siregar Nadlrah Naimi Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-26 2020-09-26 2 2 76 81 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.67 Pemasangan Saluran Drainase Pipa Buis Beton di Tanah Lunak Menggunakan Pondasi Kacapiring http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/75 <p><em>B</em><em>uilding</em> <em>s</em><em>ettlement problem </em><em>on soft subgrade and not supported by suitable type of foundation and suitable because the subgrade experience compression. The problem of building degradation occurs when installing </em><em>reinforce concrete pipe (RCP) </em><em>for drainage channels. Based on the facts and causes of the decline in the </em><em>reinforce concrete pipe </em><em>pair the results of the study were applied to the use of the </em><em>Kacapiring </em><em>foundation to support the </em><em>reinforce concrete pipe</em><em>. The installation of </em><em>Kacapiring</em><em> foundations includes the preparation of subgrade, installation of slabs and galam wood girders, installation of concrete support slabs, installation of </em><em>reinforce concrete pipe </em><em>and adjustment of elevation of </em><em>reinforce concrete pipe</em><em>. The results of community service activities show that the community has understood, understood and can do the installation of the gardenia foundation independently with enthusiasm. From the results of this activity the community also hopes to apply the </em><em>Kacapiring </em><em>foundation to overcome similar problems in other places that experience similar problems. </em></p> Sulardi Sulardi Agus Sugianto Wienastria Marthanto Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-26 2020-09-26 2 2 82 85 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.75 Pengajaran Perkalian dan Pembagian dengan Metode Jarimatika http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/77 <p><em>One of the subjects that requires planting concepts from an early age is mathematics. At school age, especially grade 3 students, the student's age has reached 9 to 10 years. Students at that age, among others, are happy with activity exercises and are happy with activities in the form of competitions. Based on this, learning should be packaged in the form of activities. At the elementary level, one of the materials that is the problem for students is multiplication and division. This material is basic in mathematics but it is often found that there are junior high school students who do not know the results of multiplication under 10. Jarimatika is a method for teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to students, especially at the elementary level. Jarimatika is an abbreviation of finger and arithmetic. As the name implies, the media in this method are the fingers. Based on this community service activity, it can be concluded that the students are enthusiastic and happy with the teaching of multiplication and division with Jarimatika. In addition, students are motivated to answer questions from the teacher.</em></p> Husnul Khotimah Besse Intan Permatasari Nur Ismiyati Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-29 2020-09-29 2 2 86 89 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.77 Sosialisasi dan Bakti Sosial Covid-19 di Kelurahan Sepinggan Raya Balikpapan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/79 <p><em>Covid19 socialization and social serviceactivities are community service activities in an effort to help people filfill their life needs and solve the community problems by especially indealing withCOVID19 transmission activities are carried out through the Covid19 socialization and social service program which is a communityservice-based activity to increase public knowledge concerning effort to break the chain of Covid19 transmission carried out in RT 2, 3 and 4 of Sepinggan Raya District, Balikpapan City with service methods in the form of counseling activities, demonstrations, distribution of masks and basic necessities and spraying Disenfektan in residential areas. The results showed a positive response from the government and active participation of community.</em></p> Maslina Maslina Isradi Zainal Andi Surayya Mappangile Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-29 2020-09-29 2 2 90 94 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.79 Pengenalan Dasar Pengkodingan Secara Daring pada SMK Pemda Lubuk Pakam http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/74 <p><em>The use of instructional media in the teaching and learning process is one of the efforts to improve the effectiveness and quality of the learning process which in turn can improve the quality of student learning outcomes. Media resulting from video sample technology are used as learning media so students can repeat the material shared. The quality of HR skills needs to be improved through training to face the challenges of the workforce later. Skill computing has become a trend of capability that is in demand in the digital revolution 4.0. Learning of MatLab programming is carried out by the Community Service Team to encourage the interest of students in class X of the private SMK in Lubuk Pakam regional government in programming. In addition to utilizing the MatLab variable for learning mathematics, at the end of learning, students are advised to produce a simple program.</em></p> Anita Sindar Sinaga Arjon Samuel Sitio Petti Sijabat Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-29 2020-09-29 2 2 95 99 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.74 Sosialisasi dan Penerapan Pemilahan Sampah Berdasarkan Karakteristik http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/78 <p><em>The high population growth rate results in an increase in the volume of waste. So far, most people still view waste as useless waste, not as a resource that needs to be utilized. According to SNI 19-3964-1994, municipal solid waste generation is 2 – 2,5 Liters/person/day or 0,4 – 0,5 kg/person/day, small town waste generation is 1,5 – 2 Liters/person/day or 0,3 – 0,4 kg/person/day, the waste generation for large/ metroppolitan cities is greater that 3 Liters/person/day (Center for Resettlement Research an Developmen, 2010). With the reduce, reuse, recycle (3R) program, the amount of waste generation can be reduced. To implement 3R based waste management, the waste reduction process begins with waste sorting. Sorting handling activities according to the type and nature. Based in data from the Balikpapan City Environmental Service, the averange waste production from January 2018 to May 2018 reached 344,73 tons/day. The program for sorting and processing waste from sources is still limited, in Gunung Bahagia Village the success rate has only reached 60%. Waste sorting based on characteristics, the importance of providing understanding and application of waste sorting to the community as a waste producer. Waste sorting is the first step taken to reduce the level of waste in the TPA. Waste sorting should be carried out from waste produciing sources. Waste sorting is carried out based on waste characteristics. Garbage has the characteristics of being easily biogefradable or what is called organic waste, it takes a long tim (years, decades, hundreds of years) to decompose or what is called inorganic waste, waste of hazardous and toxic materials. By sorting waste based on cheracteristics, waste processing can run effectively and efficiently, has econimic value and environmental sustainability. Organic waste has economic value from processing in the form of compost. Inorganic waste has economic value, because this type of waste can be reused and recycled. For hazardous and toxic waste materials, the sorting can reduce environmentals pollution, considering that this type of waste is very easy to react. &nbsp;&nbsp;</em></p> Widya Mulya Maslina Maslina Marlina Marlina Copyright (c) 2020 Abdimas Universal 2020-09-29 2020-09-29 2 2 100 105 10.36277/abdimasuniversal.v2i2.78