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The production of herbal rice kencur is very attractive to students, it can be seen from the conclusion of the questionnaire that became the evaluation material. The results showed: 1) The training on the production of herbal rice kencur was very beneficial for the participants, 2) Besides being easy and cheap to manufacture, the production of herbal medicine for rice kencur has a good market and many enthusiasts, 3) The profits from the production of herbal medicine for rice kencur are very promising, 4) The manufacture of herbal rice kencur can open up personal business and employment opportunities for people who are in economic difficulty. 5) Input to the Joshua Ministry and to the Indonesian Gospel Institute to continue to produce herbal rice kencur production activities to equip students.</p> Rio Janto Pardede, Yatmini Yatmini, Gunaryo Sudarmanto, Manintiro Uling, Zummy Anselmus Dami Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/246 Thu, 29 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Pelatihan Pengajaran Bahasa Inggris Berbasis Pendekatan Saintifik http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/251 <p><em>This </em><em>community services</em><em> aimed to provide the training of teaching early childhood for teachers in using English based on a scientific approach </em><em>in Medan</em><em>. </em><em>The method used is based on an analysis of the needs of English-speaking teachers in the city of Medan. This training carried out in three stages, namely preparation, implementation, and evaluation. The result of this training is to train teachers' teaching skills using educative learning tools in schools by practicing English vocabulary which is easier based on a scientific approach, </em><em>namely observing, asking questions, gathering information, reasoning, and communicating. And enthusiastic teachers for teaching using </em><em>beginner’s </em><em>English can provide new vocabularies and improve language development to children.</em></p> Resty Wahyuni, Alfitriani Siregar, Rita Harisma Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/251 Thu, 29 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Pelatihan Hidroponik Sistem Wick Bagi Ibu Rumah Tangga di Desa Semangat Karya Kabupaten Barito Kuala http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/243 <p><em>One way to use house yard land to achieve household food security is to use the hydroponic method. Farming with the hydroponic method in utilizing narrow land in urban areas or in housing is not something new, but in the </em><em>Semangat</em><em> Karya Village, Barito Kuala Regency, it is still many do not know clearly how to grow a garden with the wick hydroponic method. The selection of the wick hydroponic system is because according to the </em><em>Kementan</em><em> (2018) this system is the simplest hydroponic model using a </em><em>wick</em><em> that connects plant pots with nutrient solution media</em><em>.</em> <em>T</em><em>herefore this service activity aims to provide knowledge and training to support skills in farming using the wick hydroponic method. This community service activity begins with filling out the </em><em>p</em><em>re</em><em>t</em><em>est questionnaire followed by a presentation of the delivery of the material, then a demonstration of the direct method or practice and ends with the provision of a posttest questionnaire.</em> <em>The results showed that the wick system hydroponic training was able to increase the knowledge, understanding and skills of partners in plant cultivation using the wick system hydroponic method. </em></p> Fuzi Maulana Ash'ari, Gusti Khairun Ni'mah, Yarna Hasiani Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/243 Thu, 29 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Penanganan Virus pada Buah Naga dan Desain Atap Otomatis Kebun Buah Naga di Jl. Soekarno Hatta KM 25 Balikpapan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/247 <p><em>Dragon fruit is one type of fruit that can grow in tropical and subtropical areas such as Indonesia. Especially East Kalimantan Province, dragon fruit cultivation one of the people's livelihoods. In Karang Joang Village, KM 25 Balikpapan, there are dragon fruit farmers who experience problems related to dragon fruit plants growing in their gardens. Dragon fruit plants in the garden were attacked by diseases caused by viruses due to frequent exposure to rain. Handling the virus with herbal medicines that are easily available, making it easier for the operational costs of dragon fruit planting to be affordable. Spraying of herbal medicine is carried out on dragon fruit about 3 times a week with a garden area of 3-4 hectares. In addition, innovation is also given in making prototypes of automatic roofs in order to protect plants from extreme weather that can affect soil and plant conditions. Through the manufacture of this automatic roof prototype, it is hoped that it can help protect dragon fruit trees when they are in a season with high rainfall.</em></p> Andre Amba Matarru, Faisal Manta, Hadhimas Dwi Haryono, Bintara Alfaris, Muhammad Iskandar, Ferly Ardian Nur, Annisa Nurlaili, Fariidah Rahmah Deviyani, Kan Grizzel A. F. Kamagi, Inayah An Nabila, Santy Sarah Zhafirah Copyright (c) 2022 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/247 Thu, 29 Dec 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Pendampingan Transformasi Digital Marketing Era Pandemi Covid-19 pada Peserta UMKM Jabar Juara di Kabupaten Karawang http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/220 <p><em>The economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 epidemic was felt in a number of critical sectors, particularly </em><em>M</em><em>icro, </em><em>S</em><em>mall, and </em><em>M</em><em>edium b</em><em>B</em><em>usinesses (MSMEs), which are the backbone of the Indonesian people's economy. Characteristics of MSMEs that are still conducting business traditionally encountering difficulties and issues in coping with pandemic circumstances, and changes in customer behavior who have shifted to digital or the so-called four mega shifts in consumer behavior in covid-19. These shifts in customer behavior have an impact on the fall in turnover and even the collapse of traditional MSME enterprises. In this Abdimas</em><em>, </em><em>for the JABAR JUARA MSME program, carried out a way of aiding MSMEs in the pandemic period.</em> <em>By implementing the notion of digital transformation, we seek to increase creativity, ideas, and innovation by offering education, training, and help to MSMEs. MSMEs have undergone a transition in this service, beginning with obtaining an Business Permit Number (NIB) using the OSS application, to establishing social media profiles and market locations, to growing brand image and turnover, Understand how to utilize social media to grow your business, increase your market network, and build relationships with customers. This service activity concluded with a demonstration of MSME items at the Karawang Regency Department of Cooperatives and MSMEs.</em></p> Anggi Pasca Arnu Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/220 Sat, 28 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Penerapan Sistem Hidroponik sebagai Solusi Pemanfaatan Lahan Perkotaan di RT 33 Muara Rapak Kota Balikpapan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/250 <p><em>Hydroponics is an agricultural system that u</em><em>se</em><em> water and nutrients as a substitute for soil in cultivating plants. This method is suitable for limited land such as in urban areas which generally do not have sufficient land for conventional cultivation. The </em><em>area of </em><em>RT 33 ​​Muara Rapak is one of the areas in Balikpapan City which of course has limited land. For this reason, after coordinating with local residents, the right collaboration will be carried out in making a hydroponic system using the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) method as an alternative solutio</em><em>n. </em><em>The activity begins with socializing the work program, making hydroponic installations, preparing places and sowing seeds, transferring seeds to hydroponic installations, maintenance, harvesting</em><em>,</em><em> and </em><em>training</em><em>. The result of this activity is that residents know the hydroponic system and are able to practice farming with the hydroponic system. This activity also shows that the hydroponic system shows things that are </em><em>not </em><em>difficult to do and can be done by anyone. Thus, even though residents have a narrow area of ​​land, they can still enjoy fresh and healthy vegetables that are grown by themselves.</em></p> Gad Gunawan, Alfian Djafar, Hadhimas Dwi Haryono, Gofind Hasoloan, Lantiunga Celine Agvi Sanchia, Rahma Sarita Dewi, Faadhilah Faadhilah, Hasyer Kamal Baron Wicaksono, Anzan Aulia Yahya Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/250 Tue, 07 Feb 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Upaya Pencegahan Penyakit dengan Cuci Tangan Pakai Sabun (CTPS) pada Anak Melalui Bercerita menggunakan Boneka Tangan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/272 <p><em>Clean and </em><em>H</em><em>ealthy </em><em>L</em><em>iving </em><em>B</em><em>ehavior (PHBS) is said to be one of the main determinants of the health status of the community, including children in households and schools. Worms, diarrhea, skin disease, toothache, and malnutrition are the impacts of low PHBS. Hand washing is a simple habit but has a big impact on reducing morbidity. The purpose of the activity is to teach children about PHBS </em><em>W</em><em>ashing </em><em>H</em><em>ands with </em><em>S</em><em>oap (CTPS). Counseling methods by telling stories using hand puppets and demonstrations. The activity targets are children aged 3 to 12 years and their accompanying parents. The number of child participants was 19 people with 10 accompanying parents. The observation results showed that all children participated in the activity from start to finish and most (57.9%) of the children were able to practice CTPS correctly. The educational method using storytelling with hand puppets and demonstrations is considered effective for conveying health education. This CTPS health education must be followed up by habituating children's behavior both at home, at school, or anywhere with parental assistance.</em></p> Aprilia Nuryanti, Rahayu Setyaningsih Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/272 Sat, 08 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Family Health Promotion: Perawatan Luka Pascakhitan, Metode Konvensional yang Optimal di Wilayah Pontianak Selatan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/275 <p><em>Circumcision has proven health benefits. Circumcision is a type of acute wound that requires wound care that is free from infection and moist wounds. Parents assume that the circumcision wound will heal by itself and no disease or abnormality will occur. The impact of post-circumcision wounds leading to further health problems can be prevented through parental behavior in caring for post-circumcision wounds. Problems arising from post-circumcision such as phimosis (a condition where the foreskin cannot be pulled back from around the tip of the penis), preventing urinary tract infections, making the penis clean, and reducing the risk of developing penile carcinoma. The purpose of this </em><em>health promotion</em> <em>is to increase parents' knowledge about post-circumcision wound care in order to provide mental readiness for children who will undergo circumcision. The target of this </em><em>health promotion</em><em> is the community in Jalan Wonobaru Gang Madyosari, South Pontianak. The method of implementation</em> <em>this </em><em>health promotion</em><em> includes discussion and simulation with the stages of preparation, implementation, and evaluation. The results of this </em><em>health promotion</em><em> obtained 77% of participants were able to answer the questions correctly and two participants were able to practice the conventional method of post-circumcision wound care. </em><em>Health promotion</em><em> participants revealed that knowing post-circumcision wound care is important to minimize complications. </em></p> Tutur Kardiatun, Surtikanti Surtikanti, Wien Fitrian R., Sri Ariyanti, Yuniar Fadila Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/275 Sat, 08 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Penerapan Aplikasi Sistem Informasi Penjualan Menggunakan Barcode http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/262 <p><em>Along with the development of technology, many activities in the trade sector have used sales applications using barcodes. It aims to streamline time and be able to control data on sales and purchases of goods in a type of business. The purpose of this community service activity is to develop a sales information system application using a barcode so that users can easily input sales and purchase data for medicines, easily record stock cards and make reports on goods data as desired by the Baubau City Health Office and BPOM. The subject of this service activity is the owner of the Mentari Medika Pharmacy located in Lowu-Lowu Village, Lea-Lea District, Baubau City. This service activity systematically starts from needs analysis, application design, testing/implementation 1, testing/implementation 2, application \ to users and evaluation of activities and follow-up plans. The results of the activity indicate that after testing the application/implementation 1, it is necessary to add a menu to the application that is made so that application/implementation testing is necessary. In addition, this application is also equipped with a user manual, so that users are helped to operate this application.</em></p> La Sudarman Darman, La Jejen, Muhammad Tasjiddin Teheni, Sarimuddin Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/262 Sat, 08 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pengembangan Kompetensi Menulis Puisi melalui Workshop Penulisan Puisi di Balikpapan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/268 <p><em>Writing skills are indispensable in life. Based on the genre, writing can be divided into two, namely fiction and nonfiction. Poetry is one of the nonfiction genres. Writing poetry is a complicated activity. It takes a variety of assignments and training to develop poetry writing skills.. This activity is based on the many obstacles of young people in Balikpapan when writing poetry. This activity is carried out in four stages, namely preparation, implementation by conducting counseling by providing material; understanding, types, structure, and constituent elements of poetry, as well as evaluation, and preparation of reports. The implementers of this activity are FKIP lecturers at Balikpapan University and the Balikpapan Junjung Nyawa community. This activity was carried out at the Klandasan Parking Building which is located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, No. 9, Klandasan Ulu, Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan. The result of this activity is that the young people of Balikpapan can create poetry in accordance with the rules of writing good and correct poetry.</em></p> Ari Musdolifah, Nurliani Maulida, Ryan Angga Pratama Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/268 Sat, 08 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pemanfaatan Ikan Rucah: Mempersiapkan Wirausaha Baru dalam Produksi Abon Ikan “Bon-Bon” sebagai Alternatif Pemberian Makanan Tambahan (PMT) Lokal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/263 <p><em>Nutrition of pregnant women plays an important role in the growth of the fetus and the delivery process. Malnutrition during pregnancy increases fetal growth retardation, low birth weight</em><em>,</em><em> and risk of stunting at 2 years of age. One of the national strategies for accelerating stunting reduction in the form of specific interventions is that pregnant women with Chronic Energy Deficiency receive Supplementary Feeding. Currently, the provision of PMT to pregnant women is in the form of layer biscuits formulated with vitamins and minerals. Other types of supplementary food as recovery food include animal protein source foods that are given for 90 days. Local PMT needs to be developed to support healthy eating patterns from a sustainable food system using local and inexpensive food ingredients such as trash fish. The purpose of this activity is to prepare new independent entrepreneurs in utilizing local food ingredients as an alternative to local PMT for pregnant women in KEK through training on making shredded fish for posyandu and UMKM cadres in Pedurungan Tengah Village totaling 21 people. The results of the training still need to improve the taste and texture of the shredded fish that has been processed by the participants. Suggestions for implementing the next activity is assistance during the manufacture of shredded fish so that local PMT products are obtained with good acceptance.</em></p> Meirina Dwi Larasati, Kun Aristiati Susiloretni, Sri Noor Mintarsih, Yuwono Setiadi Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/263 Sat, 08 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Alternatif Penanggulangan Bencana Banjir dengan Penerapan Teknologi Biopori di Desa Molingkapoto http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/266 <p><em>Indonesia is one og the countries with a high precipitation. The high precipitation and lack of water catchment areas resulted in flooding. This community service aims to improve the quality of the environment by applying biopore technology as an alternative to flood control in the Malingkapoto Village area, Kwandang District, North Gorontalo Regency. Biopore technology is not only for flood prevention, but can be used as a composting technology. The result of this service activity is that 30 biopore have been installed at several points prone to the largest puddles of water due to high precipitation. This activity is in accordance with what has been planned, such as: increasing community knowledge and skills in flood management, provide business opportunities for biopore pipes and compost fertilizers, and support the local government of Gorontalo Regency in dealing with environmental problems.</em></p> Risti Ristianingsih Badu, Wahidin Lukum, M. Rachmat Tahir, Aldy Prasetyo, Intan Nuraini Ibrahim, Fitriyani Yusuf, Sri Ansiska, M. Noval Pratama Putra, Siti Srimeyliza Doe, Ismi Regita Gani, Nurjihan Payuyu, Sahlan Friandi Buako, Aditya Gobel, Nandi Rasid Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/266 Sat, 08 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Peningkatan Kesejahteraan Kelompok Pembuat Dodol Melalui Kegiatan Kampung Bangkit di Desa Bojonggede Bogor http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/271 <p><em>The existence of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is an economic pillar both on a family scale and on a national scale. Even so, there are many problems faced by MSMEs in maintaining and at the same time advancing the business they are engaged in as is the case with the MSME Dodol Making Group in Bojonggede Village, Bojonggede District, Bogor Regency. The problem faced by partners is difficulties during the dodol rolling process, especially when orders are overflowing. Because the rolling process still uses human power, it causes fatigue for workers and has an impact on non-standard products. The second problem is related to the unhealthy condition of the production process room (kitchen) and display area. The Kampung Bangkit Program for Welfare Improvement for the Dodol Group in Bojonggede Village, Bojonggede District, Bogor Regency, aims to increase production as well as improve production facilities and infrastructure that guarantee the health of its workers.</em> <em>The method used is to conduct training on the process of rolling dodol with a simple rolling machine, counseling on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) management, and piloting production process infrastructure and facilities through kitchen arrangement. The result of this community service activity is the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process from the processing, packaging, and product display stages. This has a direct impact on increasing production and increasing dodol orders which are felt directly by partners.</em></p> Mohammad Ischak, Wawan Kurniawan, Rina Fitriana, Mustamina Maulani Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/271 Sat, 08 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pendidikan Pengetahuan Kesehatan Gigi dan Mulut pada Kader Posyandu Lansia di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Gondangrejo Karanganyar http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/158 <p><em>The elderly population in Indonesia is currently experiencing a significant increase, this shows that public awareness of health in general is getting better. However, with the increase in the elderly population, various problems will arise that affect aspects of the life of the elderly. One of the efforts made by the government in overcoming various problems in the elderly is to hold the Elderly Posyandu program. Dental and oral health in the elderly is one that needs special attention because it will affect general health. Good knowledge of oral hygiene is very important, so that it can prevent dental and oral diseases. To improve the quality of services primarily in the field of dental and oral health, this activity is specifically for the elderly. This service aims to improve the health of the elderly through posyandu cadres so that it will improve the quality of life and welfare for the elderly. The elderly Posyandu which is the target of dedication in this study is the elderly Posyandu which is located in the working area of the Gondangrejo District Health Center. There are 93 posyandu with 245 cadres spread throughout the sub-district. The method of dedication used is lectures and questions and answers, demonstrations, and simulations. The results of this service are expected to be useful for increasing Posyandu cadre resources which have an impact on improving the quality of elderly Posyandu services in the working area of the Gondangrejo Health Center, so that it will improve the health status of the elderly.</em></p> Risya Cilmiaty, Adi Prayitno, Widia Susanti, Betty Saptiwi, Filumena Titis Rahutami Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/158 Sat, 08 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pelatihan Pembuatan Nugget Kelor sebagai Alternatif Pemberian Makanan Tambahan (PMT) Anak Balita http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/287 <p><em>Moringa</em><em> leaf processing has not been widely carried out in Indonesia. This is due to the lack of public knowledge in utilizing Moringa leaves and the community does not know Moringa leaves as a source of food. Moringa leaves are a natural ingredient with a high nutritional content is also an option to provide additional food for toddlers. This service activity is carried out to increase public knowledge about the importance of nutritious food for children and provide training on making naget from Moringa leaves as an additional food for toddlers. This method of activity is through counseling and training in making Moringa nuggets. This community service provides a change in perspective and increases mothers' knowledge in making supplementary food for toddlers sourced from local food. One of this series of devotions is to train mothers to make breast milk complementary foods and healthy snacks easily and simply but with high nutritional value and hygienic. This service activity has a positive impact on the community, where mothers can do it independently at home about how to make complementary foods and healthy snacks for their children.</em></p> Reineldis Elsidianastika Trisnawati, Leliosa Kurnia, Maria F. Kawu Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/287 Fri, 28 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pelatihan Analisis dan Desain Sistem Informasi Menggunakan Unified Modeling Language (UML) di SMK Pelita Madani Kabupaten Pringsewu http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/285 <p><em>Information system design is a stage of creating an information system. Based on the SDLC stages globally, the design is at stage 5. In the development of object-oriented programming techniques, a standardized modeling language for the development of software/information systems built using object-oriented programming techniques</em><em>. t</em><em>he Unified Modeling Language (UML) emerged because of the need for visual modeling to specify, describe, build</em><em>,</em><em> and documentation of software systems/information systems. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) performs modeling in designing software systems/information systems. The purpose of this training is to implement the knowledge of lecturers to the community (students) by providing training in analyzing UML-based information systems</em><em> in SMK Pelita Madani Pringsewu,</em><em> with supporting tools using Star Uml. In the PKM</em> <em>was attended by 27 students of class XII</em><em>, the participants get information system analysis and design materials, such as: Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram and class Diagram. The implementation of this training provide results: increasing the ability of participants to create business processes using Star Uml tools in the process of making applications / information systems.</em></p> Ferly Ardhy, Fitra Endi Fernanda, Ulfa Isni Kurnia, Alfina Alfina, Salman Alfarisi Salimu, Ockhy Jey Fhiter Wassalam, Ratnasari Ratnasari, Nur Aminudin, Rendy Yudha Pratama Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/285 Fri, 28 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Peningkatan Pengetahuan Remaja dalam Mereduksi Stigma Orang Dengan Gangguan Jiwa (ODGJ) Melalui Edukasi http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/288 <p><em>ODGJ becomes difficult in the healing process caused by the high community stigma including the adolescents group. Even so, youth is one of the golden periods where information becomes important and easy to apply if education is provided, especially regarding the stigma of ODGJ. Based on this, there is a need for promotive efforts to increase youth knowledge about ODGJ and Stigma, so that it can reduce stigma, discrimination, violation of human rights in ODGJ. The purpose of carrying out this activity is to increase youth's knowledge regarding ODGJ and Stigma. This activity was held on March 2023 at SMPN 5 Pontianak City. The method used is in the form of counseling followed by educational videos and distribution of ODGJ stigma pocket books. The form of evaluation used is using knowledge instruments before and after education. Community service activities report an increase in youth's knowledge of ODGJ and stigma. The results of the analysis found that there was a significant impact on ODGJ education and stigma on increasing knowledge p-value = 0.011. It is hoped that with this increased knowledge, youth can provide information again and change wrong perceptions about ODGJ.</em></p> Triyana Harlia Putri, Yuyun Tafhwidah, Fitri Fujiana Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/288 Fri, 28 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pelatihan Dasar-Dasar Manajemen Proyek Menggunakan Perangkat Lunak Primavera P6 Bagi Alumni dan Mahasiswa Tingkat Akhir Lintas Universitas http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/277 <p><em>Project management is the management of human and material resources to achieve targets that include quality, scheduling, cost, and stakeholder expectations. Industry 4.0 affects business processes, including in the construction field. The Primavera P6 Professional Project Management Fundamentals training, which is part of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology's 2022 Digital Talent Scholarship program, aims to improve the productivity of young construction industry talent by enhancing their understanding of technology and automation. The training uses synchronous Zoom-based methods and lasts for four weeks plus one final exam day. Out of a total of 26 participants, five people successfully achieved the passing grade score and followed the international competency test certification for Oracle Primavera P6, which was held by Oracle University.</em></p> Dimaz Harits, Kuswandi Arifin Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/277 Fri, 28 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Pelaku UMKM Kabupaten Penajam Paser Utara http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/259 <p><em>The post-covid-19 pandemic era and the use of digitalization in the industrial era 4.0 forced Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to immediately rise up, pursuing adjustments to today's business. Strong business construction is characterized by high competitiveness. The development of the Nusantara Capital City (IKN) has become a trigger for the birth of awareness among MSME players to seize market opportunities in the Penajam Paser Utara (PPU) region. The fear of losing competition among business actors from outside the region is one of the important triggering factors. Anxiety, not knowing which way to compete with other MSME actors, so that the presence of the FGD is the initial stage for MSME actors to look for a pattern of solutions to plan their business to strengthen competitiveness. Implementation of Community Service (PkM) takes the theme of FGDs for MSME actors at PPU, preceded by requests for creative economic communities, supporting universities and PPU district governments and the business world, as well as preparation of FGD materials such as (1) identifying problems with MSME actors, and (2) strategy the concept of accelerating adaptation along with the development of IKN. Exposure of the material as the direction of the FGD. The presentation of the resource person was assisted by a moderator and responder from the Head of the Trade, Cooperative and MSME Office. The results of PkM show that MSME actors need professional guidance and assistance from universities. The conclusions from this PkM activity include: (1) identifying problems requiring provision, knowledge, and skills in analyzing MSME management, (2) a comprehensive understanding of business management as a provision for managing its distinctive products, and (3) speed of adaptation starting from business planning and Feasibility Studies Business (SKB).</em></p> Casmudi Casmudi, Sugianto Sugianto Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/259 Sun, 30 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Fortifikasi Zat Besi dari Hati Ayam pada Makanan Pendamping ASI http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/244 <p><em>One of the cases of micronutrient deficiency in Indonesia is iron anemia. Iron fortification can be done on baby porridge as Complementary Food for Breast Milk (MP-ASI) given to children aged 6 months to 24 months. production of free-range chicken, promoting the sale of free-range chicken online. In addition, knowledge transfer will be carried out to partners about processing chicken liver as fortification of iron in baby porridge in MPASI. The method used is pretest and posttest given to 20 participants to determine the extent of absorption given material. Evaluation of this activity will be carried out in a weekly period to monitor the indicators that have been set. The service was attended by 20 mothers of toddlers and cooperation partners, namely the owner of the "Mr. Desi Chicken Coop” which was carried out for approximately 5 weeks. The results of this service increase the knowledge of mothers of toddlers skills in making complementary foods (90%). This is carried out to provide provisions for partners and mothers of toddlers regarding the use of chicken liver as iron fortification in infant porridge in complementary foods, correct processing of chicken liver, sales promotion online to increase partners' earnings.</em></p> Risnawati Risnawati, Muhammad Tasjidin Teheni, La Jejen Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/244 Sun, 30 Apr 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Bermain Peran Sebagai Metode Psikoedukasi Anak Yatim Duafa Masjid At-Taufiq Guntur Jakarta Selatan dalam Menghadapi Perundungan http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/278 <p><em>Cases of verbal and non-verbal bullying often occur around us, whether we realize it or not. This bullying has a negative impact on victims, so it is important to make efforts to prevent and stop cases of bullying. One way to handle cases of bullying is to provide psychoeducation to children about the negative effects that can arise from cases of bullying. For the reason this research was conducted in the form of psychoeducation for dhuafa orphans under the guidance of the At-Taufiq Guntur Mosque, South Jakarta by using the role-playing method which was carried out face to face. Through formative evaluations and observations made after the activity, it was concluded that the role-playing psychoeducational activities carried out proved successful in achieving the goals that had been designed, namely students gain an understanding of bullying and have skills on how to deal with bullying.</em></p> Hermeilia Megawati, Herdiyan Maulana, Zarina Akbar, Enno Rahma Putri Sumarto, Salsabila Rifda Permana, Sarahmita Mahsya Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/278 Sat, 13 May 2023 00:00:00 +0000 Pertunjukan Wayang Beber Fabel Sebagai Media Pendidikan Karakter Anak Sekolah Dasar http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/281 <p><em>Community service (abdimas) aims to offer alternative options for character education media for elementary school students. The students at SDN 1 Ciheuleut still need alternative character education media. Lecturers from the Faculty of Social and Culture, Pakuan University Bogor, carry out Abdimas activity. The abdimas team provides an alternative: a Wayang Beber Fabel performance. This performance is presented directly in front of students and teachers. Wayang Beber Fabel has a moral message that it wants to convey to every viewer. It can be an example that elementary school students can imitate. The interviews and observations conducted by the Abdimas team show that the Wayang Beber Fabel performance can be a choice for simple and attractive character education. This indicates that alternative education using Wayang Beber Fabel can help teachers improve character education quality. The abdimas activity at SDN 1 Ciheuleut can positively impact the creation of more effective and interesting character education alternatives and improve the quality of character education for elementary school students. Teachers can use or play Wayang Beber Fabel independently for character education after the abdimas activity is completed.</em></p> Jati Noegroho Copyright (c) 2023 Abdimas Universal http://abdimasuniversal.uniba-bpn.ac.id/index.php/abdimasuniversal/article/view/281 Sat, 13 May 2023 00:00:00 +0000