Author Guidelines

We present the format for writing articles for theABDIMAS UNIVERSAL:

General requirements

  1. Articles received are articles that have never been published in any journal or are not in the status of being accepted for publication
  2. Articles in the form of community service related to the field of infrastructure and development of human resources, management of rural areas, coastal areas, local wisdom, economic development, entrepreneurship, creative industries, legal studies, technology development, environmental insights, health, nutrition, arts, literature, and culture, as well as education in various science groups
  3. The article is enclosed with a statement of authenticity from the author stating that the article written is truly the work itself and does not contain plagiarism
  4. Articles published online, not in print out.

Writing system

  1. Article writing has a maximum of 5000 words (including captions and tables, except titles, abstracts, and bibliography), typed with spaces 1 on A4 size paper (upper limit 1.25cm, lower limit 1.25cm, left side border 1, 25cm, and the right side border is 1.25cm) with Times New Roman font size 11pt.
  2. Uncommon words or foreign languages are written in Italic format. Each paragraph starts 10mm from the far left and there are no spaces between paragraphs. Each number is written in the Arabic numbering format, except for new sentences.
  3. Each picture must be given a caption below the picture and given a number in the Arabic numbering format followed by the title of the image. Each table must be given a title and number in the Arabic numbering format followed by the table title. The lines allowed in the table are horizontal lines (only important points). Pictures, Tables and Charts must be placed in the middle (between groups of texts).
  4. Templates and guidelines for writing manuscript articles can be downloaded.
  5. Manuscripts that do not comply with the ABDIMAS UNIVERSAL writing guidelines will be returned to the author prior to the peer review process.
  6. The composition of the article consists of: Title, Author Name, Address / Author Affiliation, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions and Suggestions, Acknowledgments, and Reference Lists.

Specifically, the following details will be explained:

  1. The title consists of 15-20 words
  2. The author's name is written without a title, complete with an address / affiliate, institution name, and e-mail address
  3. Abstracts are written in Indonesian and English, one paragraph, consisting of 150-200 words, 10pt font size and contain: problems, objectives, methods, results or product activities, and conclusions. Keywords 3-5 words.
  4. The introduction contains the background of the problems that inspire the implementation of service, the objectives of the activity, the scope (material and territory), and relevant literature reviews.
  5. Materials and methods describe the technical / methods used to solve the problem, as well as some materials and tools used in the implementation of community service. Example: Writing Scientific Training, for example activities accompanied by material briefing, demonstration, or practice or pilot to produce scientific papers. Also explain the target groups or subjects who are partners of community service activities.
  6. The results and discussion contain descriptions of community service data in the field as well as results or outcomes in the form of increasing knowledge, skills or in the form of products. The results also reveal the level of achievement of the target activities. Writing in this section needs to be completed with photos, tables, graphs, charts, images, and so on. The discussion is accompanied by a logical argument by linking the results of dedication to the community with a theory / literature review, the results of service or relevant research.
  7. Conclusions and Suggestions are written concisely, but contain the substance of the results of community service and suggestions for further activities.
  8. The Reference List is written containing references from sources published in the last 10 years. Writing a reference list is recommended using the application Reference Manager such as  MendeleyEndNote, atau Zotero using the APA 6th Edition (American Psychological Association) format. All reference sources listed in the article must be included in the Reference List. Reference sources must be taken from primary sources (scientific journals and a minimum of 80% of total reference sources) in the last 10 years. Each article must have at least 10 reference sources.